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F12M-150 Triple Cone

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The Nimble IR Speaker.

For amp modellers and IRs:

Fractal Audio, Kemper, Two Notes Torpedo, Revv Amps, Line 6, Boss GT series and IR-200, Mesa/Boogie CabClone, Quad Cortex, etc

  • Only manufactured in 8 ohms

Celestion's Full Range Live Response guitar speakers are the solution for impulse response and digital amp modellers to achieve a true "amp in the room" experience, unlike FRFR monitors which merely reproduce the sound of a mic'ed amp.

With lessons learnt from the success of the F12-X200, Celestion created a compact, lightweight alternative without compromising performance in guitar amp reproduction.

Like its predecessor, the F12M-150 Triple Cone is a guitar speaker replacement to be mounted in a traditional cab, designed with a neutral tone profile for amp modellers and IRs.

The F12M-150 Triple Cone has a full range response from 60Hz-12kHz, tailored specifically for electric guitars.

Its light responsive triple-cone array is optimised to reproduce the organic feel and responsiveness of a conventional guitar speaker, you'd swear you were playing through a traditional rig.

Hear it!

with Line 6 HX Stomp

with Quad Cortex

with Line 6 Stomp XL + Pod Go

with Boss GT-1000Core

with Fractal Audio Axe-FX III

with Revv D20

Building your rig

A/B comparison with F12-X200

Tech Specs

Made in China
Size 12"
Impedance 8 ohms
Power Handling 150W
Magnet Type Ceramic
Magnet Diameter 5.7"
Sensitivity 97db
Frequency Range 60Hz - 12kHz
Unit Weight 7.9lbs / 3.6kg
No. of mounting holes 8
Overall depth 5", 127mm
Part Number T6467

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