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The Ultimate IR Speaker.

​For amp modellers and IRs:

Fractal Audio, Kemper, Two Notes Torpedo, ​Revv Amps, Line 6, Boss GT series and IR-200, Mesa/Boogie CabClone, Quad Cortex, etc

  • Only manufactured in 8 ohms

Celestion Live Response speakers combine the neutral clarity of FRFR monitors, with the tactile responsiveness of a traditional guitar speaker.

Used with amp modellers and IR-based rigs, the result is an amazingly clear and articulate amp-in-the-room experience.

As a replacement for standard guitar speakers, they're a huge improvement in rendering your digital effects processor with uncoloured accuracy and detail.

As an alternative to FRFR monitors, guitarists will enjoy modelling amps with an organic "live" presence like a traditional rig - creating an unbeatable studio or backline experience for performers.

​The F12-X200 has a wide full range response from 60Hz-20kHz. It comfortably renders guitar amps, backing tracks and other instruments, with clarity and separation. Built with a colossal 200W power rating, it can handle full-scale live setups such as on stage or in a recording studio.

For a more compact, lightweight alternative with equal performance specifically in guitar amp reproduction, we recommend the F12M-150 Triple Cone.


  • ​Can I connect my effects processor to a standard amp / combo loaded with these?
    • ​Yes. Where possible, some users access only the amp's power section (via the effects loop),​ to avoid preamp tonal colouration.
  • ​Can I connect my effects processor unit directly to a cab loaded with these?
    • Yes, if it has an integrated power amp eg. Powered Kemper. Check for an 8ohm speaker connection. If absent then you'll need an external power amp as this is a passive speaker.
  • ​Can I connect my audio interface speaker out directly to a cab loaded with these?
    • ​No, as above this must be driven by a power amp.
  • What sort of power amp can I use?
    • It should have the appropriate input type for your signal, ie. instrument and/or line-level. Speaker distortion may occur otherwise. The usual impedance and power considerations also apply.

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with Quad Cortex

with Line 6 Stomp XL + Pod Go

with Boss GT-1000Core

with Fractal Audio Axe-FX III

with Revv D20

Building your rig

Frequency Response

Celestion F12-X200 Frequency Response Graph

    Tech Specs

    Made in China
    Size 12"
    Impedance 8 ohms
    Power Handling 200W
    Magnet Type Ceramic
    Magnet Diameter 6.7"
    Sensitivity 97db
    Frequency Range 60Hz - 20kHz
    Unit Weight 9.1lbs / 4.1kg
    No. of mounting holes 8
    Overall depth 6.5", 165mm
    Part Number T6351

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