Speaker Cabinet Fit

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Yo, Check It!

Before buying any speaker, check that the screw mount pattern and the overall depth will fit your enclosure.

We recommend you open it and remove the old speaker first, before buying a new one. Follow our Installation guide on how to do this.

Speakers are non-returnable, so if in doubt, please contact us for advice!

Screw Mount Pattern

Most amps with a 12" speaker have a compatible pre-drilled screw pattern, especially the British makes, eg. Marshall, Vox, Blackstar, Orange, etc.

Celestion speakers have a screw hole diameter of 7.9mm, and Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) of 297mm / 11.7". This is the distance between the centres of two directly opposite holes.

Note that you can install a 4-hole speaker into an 8-hole pattern, by simply ignoring the additional unused holes. This will not compromise speaker performance.

Overall Depth

This is the speaker's full front-to-back length (diagram below).

The overall depth of the Ceramic speakers fits most cabinets and combos.

Alnico models, and the F12-X200, are deeper however and may not fit smaller enclosures, for eg. Fender Blues Junior.

Blackstar HT-112 OC cabs - there's a hidden rear-panel crossbrace that severely limits the admissable speaker depth. Remove the stock speaker first before buying a new one.

Remember to check clearance from the amp tubes as well.

Refer to the table and diagram below for measurements.

Speaker depths

Model Overall Depth
Blue, Gold and Cream 6.5", 165mm
G12M Greenback 5.1", 130mm
G12H Anniversary 5.3", 135mm
G12M-65 Creamback 5.1", 130mm
G12H-75 Creamback 5.4", 138mm
Vintage 30 5.3", 135mm
Heritage Series G12-65 5.0", 128mm
F12-X200 6.5", 165mm
F12M-150 Triple Cone 5.0", 127mm

Schematic diagrams

Celestion diagram

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