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The Rich Vintage.

The Celestion Cream was built to achieve an exceptional alnico vintage tone with increased power handling, for today's powerhouse amps. It conveys a satisfying warmth, detailed expressiveness and exceptional musicality, while preserving the essence of an alnico speaker even at higher power ratings.

Delivering a glorious laid-back attack, it exudes warm lows and a brilliant bell-like chime. It has smooth and organic mids, characterised by a fine-grained detail that adds a high-definition quality to the vocal range.

It's the ultimate choice for a rich, luxurious vintage tone.

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Frequency Response

Celestion Cream Frequency Response Graph

    Tech Specs

    Made in England
    Size 12"
    Impedance 8 or 16 ohms
    Power Handling 90W
    Magnet Type Alnico
    Magnet Diameter 12.2"
    Sensitivity 100db
    Frequency Range 75Hz - 5kHz
    Unit Weight 9.3lbs / 4.2kg
    No. of mounting holes 8
    Overall depth 6.5", 165mm
    Part Number T5953 or T5954

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