Celestion Live Response

Modellers and IR users look here.

Celestion's Live Response speakers are created for amp modellers and impulse response users, for the ultimate amp-in-the-room experience.

They pair perfectly with units by Kemper / Fractal Audio / Line 6 effects / Two Notes / Revv Amps / Boss GT series, etc.

They're designed with a full-range neutral tone profile, for the true uncoloured sound of your modeller and IR, while mounted in a conventional guitar cab.

They're a vast improvement over standard guitar speakers in rendering amp models with detail and accuracy.

You'll feel it in your fingers...

Their cones are optimised to reproduce the tactile feel that you'd expect of a guitar speaker, resulting in an organic experience as with a traditional rig.

Unlike with FRFR monitors, guitarists can now experience amp models with "live" in-room realism, and enjoy an expressive and articulate connectedness with their instrument.