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TurtleTone was created by tone nerds; tirelessly obsessing over warm woody chords, searing pinch harmonics, edge-of-breakup dynamics, chug attack, bark vs bite, snap and compression and so forth.

We love amps, gear, "listening to music", trawling YouTube, thegearpage, tdpri, etc. 

We also spend an awful lot of time A/B'ing speakers; mucking about with amps, cabs, guitars, pickups; in a band and in the bedroom.

Most of all we have fun - and want you to as well :)

Thanks for dropping by.


- Turtle 🐢


TurtleTone is a Celestion Authorised Retailer and Distributor. Our items are stocked brand new, directly from Celestion, and are not sourced from a secondary or parallel import market.

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