Speaker Break-In

Fresh from the maker your speaker will sound great, and will improve with time and use!

This simple break-in method from Celestion will help "loosen up" your speakers to attain their full dynamic range and expressiveness.


Before starting, it’s advisable to “warm up” the speaker gently for a few minutes with low-level playing or background hum.

Break-in your speaker with a fat, clean tone

Turn up the power amp volume to full, and control the level with the preamp gain. Use a level that will be quite loud, but not painful in a normal size room.

Have the bass and mid up full, and the treble at least half. On your guitar, use the middle pick up position (if your guitar has more than one pick up) and play for up to an hour, using lots of open chords, and chunky percussive playing.

This will get the cone moving, and should excite all the cone modes and get everything to settle in nicely. The speaker will continue to mature over the years, but this will get it most of the way to tonal perfection in the shortest time.

- Turtle #mindyourtone

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