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G12H-75 Creamback

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The Tone Beast.

Heard on:

Periphery, Animals as Leaders

A Creamback built with an 'H' type (heavy) magnet. The result is the signature Creamback tone delivered with tighter bass, and a punchier more dynamic high end.

The 'H' magnet has the effect of thickening single-notes with additional focus, body and girth, causing them to "jump out" with an articulate, 3-dimensional vocal character. These qualities make the G12H-75 Creamback an outstanding choice for lead guitar work, and it sounds monstrous loaded in to a 4x12 cab.

Excellent alone, or paired with the Vintage 30 for modern, meaty chug / djent tones à la Misha Mansoor or Jake Bowen.

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Frequency Response

Celestion G12H-75 Creamback Frequency Response Graph

    Tech Specs

    Made in England
    Size 12"
    Impedance 8 or 16 ohms
    Power Handling 75W
    Magnet Type Ceramic
    Magnet Diameter 12.2" / 309mm
    Sensitivity 100db
    Frequency Range 70Hz - 5kHz
    Unit Weight 10.4lbs / 4.7kg
    No. of mounting holes 8
    Overall depth 5.4", 138mm
    Part Number T5890 or T5891
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    • will this fit Marshall DSL5CR?

      No, the Marshall DSL5CR has a 10" speaker whereas this is 12". The G10 Creamback would fit - contact us to place a special order when we next restock.